Dremel DigiLab Webinars

Join us to learn about all kinds of digital fabrication topics. From product questions to basic educational topics, we will be rolling out high quality content for everyone. Have a topic in mind that you want us to cover? Reach out to us and let us know!

Title: 'DigiLab Laser Cutter Software Demo'

Dremel DigiLab Host: Satish Subramanian

Featured Guest: Brittany Hopper, Product Manager of DigiLab Laser Cutter

Description: Itching to learn the ins and outs of the Dremel Laser Cutter software before committing to purchase? Join us as we go over a ton of the best-in-class features and make a small project to show you what our new DigiLab Laser Cutter is capable of!

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Title: 'Makerspace 101'

Dremel DigiLab Co-Hosts: Satish Subramanian & George Velez

Featured Guest: Greg Herker, Phab Lab Program Manager at Palmer Hamilton

Description: In our very first 28-minute webinar "Makerspace 101" you will get a complete, personal break down on the best practices around makerspaces. Join us as we discuss the fundamentals of creating successful academic makerspaces.

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