3D Printing Lesson Plans

We worked with DePaul University to test and make sure our 3D printing lesson plans were useful for teachers and beneficial for students. Check out the video to see how the students reacted and how they solved problems with creativite thinking. As part of our 3D printer education bundles, these 30 standards-based lesson plans come fully equipped with: 

  • Material Requirements

  • Associated standards

  • Lesson plan instructions

  • Questions for students to answer

  • Suggested grading rubrics

3D Printing Lesson Plan


Wind Power

Students are challenged to design and create a blade and hub for a windmill or turbine capable of lifting a load a specified height from the floor. Upon completion, they will understand the principles of renewal energy generation through wind power.


Boat Propeller

This 3D printing lesson plan gives students an opportunity to explre the core scientific and engineering principles associated with propellers by designing, 3D printing, and testing their own boat propeller components and systems.


Cell Receptors and Antigens

Students will create and 3D print viruses with antigens that could allow the virus to enter a hypothetical simplified cell surface. Students will then exchange their viruses to challenge others to invent and 3D print immune system antibodies that could recognize and mount an immune response.