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Build Platform Clip Replacement

Tools Required:

1. Socket Wrench & 7/32 Deep Socker

2. 2mm Hex Bit or Hex Wrench (Allen Key)

3. T10 Torx (Star) or Screwdriver Bit

Step 1: Bring Printer To Safe State

Allow the build plate and nozzle to cool down below 60 degrees C before handling. To ensure this, using the touchscreen go to tools, preheat, then select pause on both nozzle temperature, and platform temperature icons. Allow the temperature to drop below 60 degrees C on both nozzle and platform. The build platform may take up to 20 minutes to cool down to a safe temperature.

Step 2: Raise Build Platform

a. Remove the glass build plate from the printer.

b. Gently lift the build platform manually, as high as it will go. Apply the force on the metal bracket on the back of the platform (highlighted in red).

Step 3: Raise Build Platform

Remove the two screws (encircled in red) using the 2mm Allen Key and socket wrench. Place the socket wrench on the nut shown in the right picture, then use the 2mm Allen Key to loosen the screws while holding the nut with the socket wrench. There is a small washer by the nut on the bottom side, be sure not to lose it when removing the screw.

Step 4: Remove Damaged Build Plate Clips

a. Lower the bed and tilt the bed components to reveal the clip screws. Ensure the white spacers don't fall from the foam pad.

b. Remove the screws (encircled in red below) using the T10 Torx Screwdriver

Step 5: Install New Build Plate Clips

Install new build plate. Refer to Step 4.

Step 6: Install Top Components of Build Plate

a. Lay components back down. Ensure that the spacers ares till inserted into the foam pad. (Encircled in Red).

b. Raise the platform and reinstall the 2mm Allen screws, with the small washers and nylock nuts. Refer to Step 3.

Step 7: Insert Glass Build Plate

Insert Build plate and ensure that it is secure.


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