Professional Development

Get your iste certification credit today!

4-Hour Self-Paced Online Course

Learn how to quickly and easily integrate 3D design and printing into your classroom. This training course will allow you to experience using software and hardware to design and print real objects using your Dremel 3D Printer. The course includes videos, articles, lesson plans, school case studies, and hands-on learning opportunities that provide a pathway to help you master implementation of 3D printing in the classroom. Your EDU bundle will also allow you to earn a 4 hours ISTE Certified PD Certificate! (Limit 1 certificate per bundle)

“ISTE Certified PD Certificate Access Walkthrough”

Instructions for access and certification:

  1. Visit and fill in email to continue to step 2
  2. Fill out basic demographic information:
    1. name, address, and new password
    2. select primary group
      1. (professional development learners)
  3. Under other:
    1. Fill out Dremel DigiLab product serial number
    2. Educational sector, experience with 3D printing, and school name
  4. Enter Dremel DigiLab portal
  5. On Homepage view course catalog
    1. Select “Professional Development and Training”
    2. Select “3D Printing in the Classroom”
    3. Complete entire course
  6. Exit and access the “Dremel EDU Bundle- Survey and Certificate” course
    1. Input unique EDU kit “promo” code which will reduce $199 price to $0 (comes on the card)
      1. Complete purchase and go back to the course
    2. Complete Survey
    3. Certificate will become available for download

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