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  1. Visit https://go.bluevolt.com/dremeldigilab/s/registration and fill in email to continue to step 2
  2. Fill out basic demographic information:
    1. name, address, and new password
    2. select primary group
      1. (professional development learners)
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    1. Fill out Dremel DigiLab product serial number
      1. How to find serial number:
    2. Educational sector, experience with 3D printing, and school name
  4. Enter Dremel DigiLab portal
  5. On Homepage view course catalog
    1. Select “Lesson Plans”
    2. Select grade level
    3. Click to download

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Punnett Square

In this lesson, students will explore mathematical models used to describe genetic inheritance patterns resulting from monohybrid crosses.
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Coriolis Effect

In this activity, students will explore an underlying principal associated with the Coriolis Effect.
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Cell Transformation

Recognize and explore the impact of biotechnology (cloning, genetic engineering) on the individual, society and the environment.
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