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how STEM tools on chromebooks turn students into makers and inventors

PCMAG 3D45 Review

"Dremel's 3D45 is a Great 3D Printer for Makers" 3D45 Review

"More Advanced 3D Printing in STEAM Education"


Any good designer will tell you that real, rapid prototyping leads to better results. Dremel printers enable your creatives to have better control of the creative process without outsourcing.


Relax, it's a Dremel. We design, engineer and rigorously test our products to hold up and never let you down. 80 years of Dremel engineering allows you to focus on your prototyping, not your machine.


Save time and money through agile product development and rapid prototyping. The scalable ecosystem will ensure your team can create better products at a faster pace.

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How STEM tools on Chromebooks turn students into makers and inventors

Dremel DigiLab NewsWatch Review

Ideate, Design and Prototype - Dremel DigiLab’s suite of products helps students learn 21st-century skills and enhance problem solving and creativity.

Dremel 3D45: PCMag Review

See why PCMag rated the 3D45 the #1 3D Printer of it's class!

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