LC40 Laser Cutter

MRSP: $5,999

Key Features
  • Reliable Brand and Product: Trusted by Makers for 85 Years
  • Wifi Connectivity: Perfect for Multi-Device Makerspaces
  • HD Touchscreen: Easily Run Jobs Directly on Laser Cutter
  • Camera Integration: Import Material Photo and Reduce Misprints
  • Safety: SMART Sensors Detect Issues and Help Troubleshoot


Advanced Hardware - LC40 Laser CutterPrimary tabs

Advanced Hardware Made Simple

Touch Screen
Start, pause and view project status directly on the LED touch screen without the need to reopen the software on your computer.
Onboard Software
Software is built directly into the laser, which enables internet-free reliability to run projects.
Smart Camera
High-resolution camera enables users to capture and precisely place designs within the software suite.
Made-for-Laser Materials
Our materials have been hand-selected to work perfectly with the laser to allow for more time creating and less time experimenting.

Powerful & Intuitive Software

Intuitive Software
The laser software is easy to use from the start and includes advanced features with which users can apply and explore their creativity.
Optimized Materials
The laser’s advanced material library is flexible and ever-evolving as its creative community continues to build new projects.
Our auto-array feature enables users to quickly duplicate projects so no time is wasted.
Fast Separation
Our software easily detects layers from 2D design software. This eliminates the need to separate individual layers, which saves time and spares users the headache.
Powerful Intuitive Software - LC40 Laser Cutter
LC40 Laser Cutter

Relax, it’s a Dremel

Ridiculously Tested
The laser has been slammed, dropped and put through a serious amount of testing to ensure product longevity and reliability in all settings, from business to classroom.
UL Approved
The laser is the first model in the market to be independently certified to ensure the unit is safe for home, studio or school.
Stays Cool
The laser is accompanied by our innovative Hex Box, which continuously runs cool water through the laser tube, to support all-day runtimes.
Safety Sensors
Our patented array of smart sensors with real-time safety diagnostics puts users at ease with the promise that the machine will run safely at all times.

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