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Unlock New Applications

Create parts for an array of applications using the 3D45’s 280°C nozzle to print strong, flexible, durable parts.

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Better Print Adhesion

A removable glass build plate heated up to 100°C helps parts stick better during printing.

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High Quality Printing

Create high-quality, detailed parts at up to 50 micron resolution.

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Effortless Networking

Easily connect multiple printers to the cloud over Wi-Fi or ethernet. Configure proxy or static IP settings either on the printer or through the administrator portal.

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Cloud Printing and Management

Share your printers with hundreds of people and print remotely with cloud printing and management software.

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Remote Monitoring

Monitor all your prints with the built-in HD camera, pause or stop remotely and create shareable time lapse videos.

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Ridiculously Tested

Our printers have been slammed, dropped, dragged and put through thousands of hours of testing to ensure longevity and reliability.

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Hassle-Free Material Management

The 3D45 detects the inserted material and changes print settings automatically to produce the best parts every time.

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Fully Enclosed with Carbon Filters

The fully enclosed build chamber has particulate and carbon filters to protect from any harmful VOCs.