3D45 EDU

3D45 EDU

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Technical Specs

get the right gear

filaments and materials

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3d printer cloud

offering lessons that last


3d printer video
Teach skills, not processes

Lessons that teach problem solving and teamwork, while enabling teachers to get incorporating real-world technology into the classroom.

3d printer filament strength
Standards aligned

Aligned to Common Core, CCSS, NSS, and other state-specific standards to ensure specific learning objectives.

3d maker printer
Building more than just a model

Through project-based learning, students develop real-world skills.

3d slicer software

professional development


3d desktop programs
4 hours of PD credit

Gain 4 hours of PD credit by learning about 3D software, hardware, printing and implementation.

3d printer cloud
On your own time

Available online in a self-paced format with badges and assessment of knowledge to receive credit.

3d printer lesson plans
Accepted by all states

Aligned to ISTE teacher standards and accepted in all states.

digilab 3d printer

relax, it's a Dremel


pla filament colors
2 extra filaments

Hold off on restocking with more material to print with.

3d printer cloud
Cloud Printing and Management

Share your printers with hundreds of people and print remotely with cloud printing and management software.

model slicer
Extra Build Plate

Plus more glue sticks to keep you printing longer with minimal downtime.