3D40-EDU 3D Printer

Our easiest to use printer with all the resources you need to get 3D printing integrated into classroom learning right out of the box.

Key Features
  • Reliable: Best-in-Class Extruder
  • Easy-to-Use: Web-Based Design and Printing Software
  • Quiet and Safe: Fully Enclosed Workspace
  • Flexible: Removable Glass Build Plate
  • Supported: Learning Community and One-Year Warranty


3D40 EDU Package

30 Lesson Plans

Start printing with your classroom right out of the box

Professional Development Course

Learn About 3D Printing and Receive 4 Hours of Professional Development

3D Accessories to Expand Your Class Projects

Extra accessories to unlock your students' creativity

3D40 30 Lesson Plans

30 Lesson Plans

Teach Skills, Not Processes
Lessons that teach problem-solving and teamwork, not just 3D printing.
Build More than Just a Model
Lessons for 5-10 graders that tie abstract concepts with printed models
Aligned to Common Core, CCSS, NSS and standards in 3 states.
Developed with Experts
Written by actual teachers and subject matter experts.

Professional Development Course

4 Hours of PD Credit
Gain 4 hours of PD credit by learning about 3D software, hardware, printing and implementation
Accepted in All States
Aligned to ISTE teacher standards and accepted in all states.
On Your Own Time
Available online in a self-paced format with badges and assessment of knowledge to receive credit.
Designed by Professionals
Designed by a team of experienced, credentialed teachers, curriculum developers, and EdTech trainers.
3D40 Pro Dev Course
3D40 EDU Dremel 3D Printer - Accessories

3D Accessories to Expand Your Class Projects

3 Colored Filaments
Black, blue and orange spools of filament for more printing right out of the box
1 Glass Build Plate
Quickly start your next print by swapping out with an extra build plate.
3 Black Build Sheets
Kit includes 3 black build plate sheets, each lasting up to 100 prints.
10 Blue Build Tapes
10 sheets of blue build plate tape that is easy to apply and replace.

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