Other Laser Software Issues

1) File Type Issue

Sometimes the software has problems importing certain files. Try exporting your design as a different file type. PDF is the most reliable.

2) Design Software Issue

Sometimes the software has problems reading certain files from certain design software programs. Typically when this happens (scaling issues, importing hidden layers, etc) “printing” to PDF from the design software rather than “exporting” to PDF will solve the problem.

3) Excess White Space

Most of the time the Dremel software will remove the white space from your objects so the boundary is encompassing the actual object, but occasionally it detects the boundary of the workspace you created the object in. For engraving especially, if this boundary is within ~1” (18.4” total engraving width) of the left or right side of the software, it will think your engrave object is too close to the edge. This can be solved by making the workspace smaller in your design software and re-exporting, or by exporting as another file type.


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