All3DP 2020 Best 3DPrinters (Spring Update)

DigiLab 3D45 All3DP Best Printer for Schools
Best 3DPrinter for Schools

"After countless hours spent printing and tinkering with a large selection of desktop printers – and no small amount of haggling and debating among All3DP’s editorial team – we present our top picks for the best 3D printers of spring 2020. Each best 3D printer in a given category is our honest unbiased recommendation...We still find the Dremel DigiLab 3D45 top of the class for schools; a safe and robust choice that offers material flexibility. In our testing we found the 3D45 to offer superior performance with a number of quality-of-life benefits...Dremel also offers a library of resources for educators, including training and lesson plans incorporating 3D printing. All that, and it can handle trickier filaments such as nylon out of the box."

TomsGuide Dremel DigiLab LC40 Laser Cutter Review: High Quality at a Cost

DigiLab LC40

Tom’s Guide delves into the intricacies of the LC40 in order to determine the product’s best applications, as well as the cost-benefit analysis. “The LC40's software comes with a large number of presets for different materials, including acrylics, various types of wood, leather and even aluminum…We were impressed with the quality of the cuts that the LC40 made. It cut and engraved wood and leather without problems, following the designs we input…The Dremel LC40 would be a good pick for a school, college, hackerspace or other shared space that needs something that's reliable and safe to use.”

All3DP 2020 Best Laser Cutters (Winter Update)

DigiLab LC40 All3DP

All3DP released their list of the 2020 Best Laser Cutters. The Dremel DigiLab LC40 has been recognized as the “Top Pick” of this year’s list. All3DP lauds the design, functionality, and intuitive set up: “If you need a machine for a home, classroom, or studio environment, this is one of your most solid options. With official UL-certification, this machine is fully at home wherever you are.”

DigiLab 3D45 Printer for More Advanced 3D Printing in STEAM Education

DigiLab 3D45

“First known for its rotary power tools, and then for being one of the first nationally recognized brand names to adopt 3D printing, Dremel continues to impress with its focus on education…Dremel knows that in today’s world, learners and educators need quality tools that can make it easier to connect physical making and building with digital ideation. The DigiLab suite and 3D45 printer help to continue expanding the Dremel brand from the workshop to STEAM classrooms everywhere for a focus on education in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. The 3D printer was specifically designed for experienced high school and higher education classes, to help students “visualize and create complex projects.”

Pirate 3D Dremel DigiLab Idea Builder 3D Printer Review

DigiLab 3d40

Pirate 3D, Best 3D Printer Reviewer dives into the Dremel DigiLab 3D40 Idea Builder to investigate “is the Dremel Idea Builder 3D Printer worth the money? Review of features, pricing, print quality and more.” The in-depth review covers each product feature, the pros and cons, and the practical applications of the 3D40 Idea Builder. In conclusion? “Dremel Idea Builder 3D Printer review has revealed the overwhelming majority of users were greatly impressed with the quality of almost all the prints created by the 3D40.”

Omnicore 3D40 Idea Builder- Best 3D Printers 2020

DigiLab 3D40 Omnicore

Omnicore recently released their “Top 12 Best 3D Printers 2020 for Professionals & Hobbyists.” They recognized the Dremel DigiLab 3D40 Idea Builder 3D printer as the “Best 3D Printer Under $1000” in their prestigious list. “Dremel is definitely a printer to buy if you want to build something functional or for fun… The community is great and has an open system that lets you download free, print-ready models from Overall, it is a well-rounded machine and well suited for hobbyists, students, and educators alike and with partnership with HP, it certainly is a must-have 3D printer for students.”

All3DP DigiLab 3D45 Review: Best 3D Printer for Schools

DigiLab 3D45 All3DP

According to All3DP: “The Dremel DigiLab 3D45 is our pick for "Best 3D Printer for Schools" in Winter 2019/2020, [and] it's ideal for the classroom.” Author Tyler Koslow goes on to expound upon the fact that the 3D45 is the perfect balance between accessibility, reliability and quality. The 3D45 also boasts a “comprehensive 3D printing ecosystem tailored for education.” Dremel DigiLab 3D40 Printer Review

DigiLab 3D40 3DInsider

3DInsider’s Joseph Flynt provides an in-depth analysis of the 3D40 and 3D40-EDU kit, complete with an education focus! “If you’re an educator or a 3D printing beginner, the 3D40 will serve you well. It’s reliable, easy to use, comes with convenient features, and prints really well. Although the phone lines can be really busy sometimes, Dremel provides excellent customer support, which is especially important for beginners and non-tinkerers. Like all other 3D printers, the 3D40 has downsides – like the filament issue and the fact you’re limited to PLA – but the upsides it brings to the table are well worth the money. It’s a great 3D printer overall.”

3DPrinterPower Dremel DigiLab 3D20 Review

DigiLab 3D20 focuses on the benefits of using the 3D20 as an introductory classroom tool in their review: “The Digilab 3D20 is a marvel that excels for beginners, and for use as a teaching tool.  Because this machine is great in the classroom it is entirely possible you, or if you are old like me, your kids have come into contact with this printer already.  Starting your hobby at home off with a base model that is designed to be easily understood is a smart decision.” They go on to highlight the ease of use (specifically kid-friendly), high quality, and pleasing design.   

Io3DPrint Dremel DigiLab 3D40 Idea Builder Review

DigiLab 3D40

io3DPrint’s review of the Dremel DigiLab 3D40 Idea Builder starts with the tagline: “A brand you can trust brings a 3D printer you can rely on.” Dylan Miller goes on to expand upon the high quality, and reliable nature of the 3D40. “Dremel is the first real household brand to launch their own 3D printer. And it’s clear they have made every effort to ensure their reputation for quality, well-designed products is maintained in their new range. What the 3D40 is offering you is a reliable tool that will work out of the box. With none of the annoying niggly problems that so often dampen the enthusiasm of newcomers to 3D printing.”

3DPrinting Dremel DigiLab 3D40 Flex Review

DigiLab 3D40 Flex

“Overall, using this 3D printer has been a fantastic experience. Dremel has removed (most of) the guesswork out of 3D printing, making the process fun and intuitive. After the first couple prints, I never worried that a print was going to fail…The enclosed build chamber makes the machine more consistent (due to temperature stability), quieter, and safer (around children and pets). It’s quiet enough to have a normal conversation right beside it. The magnetic build plate is also a major upgrade.”

"The Dremel 3D45 A Professional, Versatile and Reliable Open Material 3D Printer"

DigiLab 3D45’s Beau Jackson highlights the strengths of the dremel 3D45 in her in-depth review: “Living up to the Dremel legacy, the 3D45 is a reliable 3D printer. Throughout the rigorous testing of the 3D Printing Industry team, the machine itself didn’t experience a single failure and we never had to stop it before 3D printing was completed. Both large and small 3D printed objects made on the system are of an undeniable high quality, and the machine has no issue with builds that last in excess of 15 hours… the Dremel 3D45 is a very versatile 3D printer, capable of producing models of a high quality. It could very well be your next workhorse 3D printer.”

3DPrinting Dremel DigiLab 3D45 Review


In conclusion, “[the] 3D45 gave me the best nylon print results I’ve ever had with an FFF/ FDM desktop 3D printer. Considering its price point it’s one of the best choices on the professional side of the market. The hardware is good but the collaboration with 3DPrinterOS is what truly makes this printer the perfect choice for schools, maker spaces and print farms.”

ISTE 2016 Best of Show

DigiLab 3D40 ISTE

Tech&Learning awarded the 3D40 one of their annual Best of Show awards, based on the anonymous submission and evaluations of advisors. The Dremel Idea Builder 3D40 equips educators with a complete ecosystem for introducing applications of 3D printing to the modern classroom learning environment. The Dremel Idea Builder 3D40 features multiple access points that are designed to provide immediate, out-of-the-box, classroom implementation. Advancements include USB-and wifi-enabled printing, active filament monitoring, a maintenance-free extruder, and assisted leveling.

PCMag 2019 Review

3D40 Flex PCMag

PCMag featured the 3D40 Flex in an excellent 2019 review. An expert in the field, analyst Tony Hoffman tests and reviews all of the most important features and outputs of the 3D40 Flex. The bottom line? “Dremel's easy-to-use DigiLab 3D40 Flex 3D Printer has user-friendly software, good output quality, and a wide mix of connectivity options. It's a fine choice for classroom use.”

PCMag 2018 Editors’ Choice Award

DigiLab 3D45 PCMag
4.5/5 (Editors’ Choice)

PCMag evaluates 3D printers on a number of critical purchase decision, and post-purchase factors including: “ease of setup and use, print quality and consistency, build volume, software, filament, connectivity, and price.” The Dremel Digilab 3D45 3D Printer earns high praise from PCMag with the statement that for each of the aforementioned categories, the 3D45 come as close to excellence as they’ve seen. They go on to continue recognizing the high quality that the Dremel brand is known for: “…Dremel clearly put the same care in designing and crafting the 3D45 as it does in making its tools.” Overall, the 3D45 earns PCMag’s Editors’ Choice award and is lauded as a printer ideal for engineers, product designer, or educators.

ISTE 2019 best of show

Digilab LC40 ISTE

"The Dremel LC40 was included in Tech & Learning’s ISTE Best of Show 2019. The winning products were hand-selected by a panel of educator judges. The winners came out of a pool of 125 edtech products, and were evaluated on a variety of attributes such as: quality and effectiveness, ease of use, cost, and creative use of technology.”

Dremel DigiLab LC40 Laser Cutter Review

DigiLab LC40 3DInsider

“the DigiLab laser printer is an excellent product that has consistently received praise from its owners. It’s easy to use, produces great results, and operates with no major issues. From setting up the machine to finishing your first project, the included guides practically hold your hand at every step of the process. The software that comes with the DigiLab does a very good job in making it accessible for novice laser users…All in all, the Dremel DigiLab is worth every single dollar that you spend on it. It’s not cheap but it is worth saving up for. Whether you are getting the DigiLab for your DIY hobby or as a commercial tool, it is an excellent product that will pay for itself in reliability, safety, and quality of output.”

Tested: Dremel DigiLab LC40 Laser Cutter

Bosch Digilab Laser Cutter’s experts test out the Dremel DigiLab LC40 in their half-hour video. They “go over its setup, safety features, and capabilities, including the differences between it and other glass tube lasers in its class. There's a lot to like here!” Check out the video for all of the tips and tricks of this impressive product!

Bett 2020 Report

Bett 2020

The BETT 2020 education technology industry show at London Excel is the perfect place to showcase “the latest trends in 3D printing for the education sector and learn how the technology features on the current curriculum…The new challenges of the future require different skills. Dremel expert Nick Longford said, ‘the possibility to understand and pick up the 3D printing concept at a young age puts a serious advantage for the future generation since this technology is going to be a part of the world they come out to.’”

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