Digital Fabrication For Education

Middle School

Expand critical thinking and creativity skills in your classroom of future innovators. Grow these skills now for a better tomorrow.

Why Digital Fabrication For Your Classroom

Easy and Safe to Use

Intuitive products and ready-to-use curriculum in our ThinkSpace learning community get you started in minutes.

Technology That Works

As students are still getting introduced to STEAM, it’s important that the technology they use don’t fail so they stay engaged.

Well Supported

Our team is always by your side to help you with professional development, grant writing, and world-class customer support.

3D40 3D Printer

Proprietary extruder technology minimizes clogging and keeps students engaged in their projects.
Easy-to-use software and a streamlined unboxing experience will have you printing in 15 minutes or less.
Quiet and Contained
Dremel’s 3D40 is fully enclosed and has advanced motion controls to minimize noise so you can teach while the printer is running.
Knowledge Base and Support
Join Dremel’s ThinkSpace community for lesson plans or contact us for world-class customer support.
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LC40 Laser Cutter

40W CO2 high endurance laser tube ensures that you can complete your projects when you want to.
Following strict safety standards and thorough testing helps ensure optimal products and services for our users.
High detail engraving and cutting on a vast array of materials including wood, leather, acrylic, and more.
Our team is always by your side to help you with world-class customer support.
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3D45 3D Printer

Advanced Filaments
Capable of 3D printing with Nylon, Eco-ABS, and PLA with an all-metal extruder
Remote Monitoring
HD Camera and cloud printer management system allows you to remotely monitor your print
Higher Print Quality
50-micron resolution enables super detailed outcomes
Easily tweak print settings on the fly so you can customize your prints for your specific needs
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Middle School Lesson Plans

Catapult Kit

Build a catapult out of pencils and apply the law of conservation of energy to determine the total mechanical energy of the projectile.
3D Printer

Cell Transformation

Recognize and explore the impact of biotechnology (cloning, genetic engineering) on the individual, society and the environment.
3D Printer

Coriolis Effect

In this activity, students will explore an underlying principal associated with the Coriolis Effect.
3D Printer

Quadrant Method

You will explore statistical sampling methods, specically the quadrant method, and how well it produces samples similar to the population.
3D Printer

Pythagorean Proof

Work with a tangible model to further explore a proof of the Pythagorean theorem and the area of a square formed by right triangle sides.
3D Printer

Punnett Square

In this lesson, students will explore mathematical models used to describe genetic inheritance patterns resulting from monohybrid crosses.
3D Printer