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Watch this webinar for a personal lesson on Academic Makerspaces! To gather even more insight, we've invited a guest speaker and expert in Makerspaces to share his thoughts and first first-hand experiences. Please join us and Greg Herker, Fab Lab Program Director at Palmer Hamilton for a special webinar. Fill out the form to view the webinar and gain exclusive access to the slides that you can share with your friends and colleagues!

In this 28-minute lesson, you will learn:

  • What is a Makerspace?
  • Why is a Makerspace Important for Education?
  • How to Design Your Makerspace?
  • What Equipment Should You Have in Your Makerspace?
  • How do You Manage Your Makerspace?
  • What Projects & Curriculum Can Be Incorporated into a Makerspace?
  • How Can You Continue to Learn About Best Practices?