Configuring Your Laser Cutter

One of the benefits to the Dremel DigiLab Laser Cutter is that the software is stored on the laser cutter machine itself. This means that you have the choice to connect through either a hardwire or wireless connection.

For a hardwire connection, connect the provided Ethernet Cord to your Laser Cutter and computer.

For a wireless connection, select your network from the menu and enter the password to connect your Laser Cutter to the network.


Accessing Your Laser Cutter Software

After your Laser Cutter is connected, find your Laser Cutter’s IP address at the bottom of the LCD Screen or by going to ‘Tools > About’. Note: If you have multiple Laser Cutters, each one will have its own IP address.

Open a supported internet browser on your computer (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge).

Type the Laser Cutter’s IP address into the browser’s URL bar to pull up the software.


Moving around the Workspace

To zoom in and out, click the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons on the bottom right corner of the workspace. You can also scroll with your mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

To reset your view of the workspace to the original position, click the 3rd button on the bottom right corner.

To move the white workspace, click and hold your right mouse button as you drag the workspace to another location. For Macs and chromebooks, this is equivalent to touching the clickpad with two fingers and dragging around.


Camera Capture your Physical Workspace

This feature is really handy if you’re trying to engrave or cut in a precise location. For example, engraving a leather notebook cover or on a small scrap piece.

Hover over ‘Import’ and click ‘Capture’.

Make sure your material is placed on the bed. The closer it is to the center of the bed, the better the Camera Capture results will be.

Since the Laserhead will be moving around as the camera goes around taking pictures, remember to adjust the Laserhead to the proper height using the Spacer Puck. Failure to do this could lead to the Laserhead hitting the material and causing damage.





Importing your Design File

Hover over ‘Import’ and click ‘File’.

Drop your file onto the popup or click to select your file to upload.



**The DigiLab software will automatically read JPGs and PNGs as engrave files and SVGs as cut files. PDF files can be read as either, so if you are uploading a PDF file with both cut lines and engrave sections, the software will work best if you save your cut lines and engrave sections in separate files and then choose the ‘Import Cut Only’ and ‘Import Engrave Only’ options accordingly.



Tracing your Hand Drawn Design

Place your hand drawn design into the Laser Cutter workspace and use Camera Capture to take a picture.

Hover over ‘Import’ and click the newly visible ‘Trace’ button.

In the popup, drag your mouse to select the area on the screen you wish to trace, and the sensitivity for which the trace function should apply.

Next, choose whether you want to cut, engrave, or do both to the traced image. The screen will update with a preview of what will show up next. You can also choose to toggle the background on or off.

Once you accept, the traced image will be placed onto your workspace, and you can continue to further manipulate it and choose your settings.