Get Started with your Dremel DigiLab LC40 Laser Cutter

Thank you for being an early adopter of desktop laser cutting and making Dremel your laser cutter of choice! We rely heavily on people like you to spread the word about your experiences to your friends who might be interested in laser cutting. In return, we will give you free materials and give discounts to your friends. Check out our referral program for more details.


1) Register Your Machine to Activate Warranty

Register at to activate your warranty.


2) Choose Your Design Software

For those who want the best design experience and are willing to pay, Adobe Illustrator is our recommended design software of choice.

For beginners who are able to download software, we recommend Inkscape as the next choice.

There are other free and paid design softwares you can check out as well, including CorelDRAW and


3) Learn How to Use the Laser Cutter Software

Once you have your design file, use our Dremel DigiLab Laser Software to configure it for our laser cutter. Instructions on how to access and use the software can be found on our Software page.


4) Print Your Job on the Laser Cutter

Following the instructions on Pages 71-81 of the Laser Cutter Manual, print your first project.


5) Refer Your Friends

Check out our referral program.


6) Give Us a Review

Review your LC40.


7) Follow us

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