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SMART™ Laser Sensors
Built-in to detect potentially hazardous situations and assist with troubleshooting

Optimized Material Library
Provides suggested print settings to allow you to print on new materials with ease

Intuitive, Dynamic Software
Powerful software for both beginners and experts so you can take any drawing or digital artwork and cut/engrave onto your material

Built In Camera
High-def, wide angle camera allows you to scan drawings or photos into the laser software with ease, and align your print with odd-shaped materials, reducing misprints

Take Your 3D Printing Program To New Heights

Rated the #1 mid-range 3D printer by PCMag's 3D team

Wide Range of Materials
All-metal hot-end extruder and heated build plate enables printing in Nylon, PETG, Eco-ABS, PLA, and more

Scalable Cloud Solutions
The easiest 3D printer on the market to network and administer with printer management platform and static IP

Dremel Reliability
Designed and tested to outdoor power tool standards. They’ve been dropped, slammed, dragged, heated until 70°C and cooled to -20°C. Each iteration went through 1000’s of hours of testing to create the final product you see today

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