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Some Dremel 3D printing and laser cutting bundles come with a comprehensive collection of ready-to-use lesson plans to guide classrooms in specific, standards-based projects, and promote learning of various subjects. We also offer professional development to support, and have some funding platforms we partnered with that might help those who need a little kickstarter for their programs.

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3D Printing and Laser Cutting Projects

Looking for the best laser cutting projects out there? Looking for inspiration for your desktop 3D printer? We've got you covered. Just follow our step-by-step project guides to create amazing 3D printing and laser cutting projects that you can show off to your friends and family.

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We're on a mission this year to bring you the stories and insights that matter to you. Check out our blog to learn more about 3D printing and laser cutting, as this space continues to evolve and we dive deeper into best practices and industry trends.


Dremel Community Forum

Do you want to stay up to date with major announcements, have a 3D printing or laser cutting project you made that you'd like to share with other DigiLab lovers, or just having a problem that others might have already solved? Join our 3D printing or laser cutting community forum to take part in the discussion!