Why Does My Engraving Look Bad?

Here are some ways to make your engraving look better:

1) Ensure Your Laser Head is Focused

Make sure your laser head is focused.

2) Check for Incorrect Settings

Validate that you have the correct material selected and/or appropriate engrave settings selected. If you’re looking for something photorealistic, make sure you’ve selected “greyscale” in the software.

3) Increase Image Contrast

In your design software, bump up the contrast drastically so there’s a bigger difference between the lightest and darkest areas in the image.

4) Increase Image Size

Sometimes images look better when scaled up. Typically the larger the image the better it looks engraved, so it may be too small.

5) Choose a Different Material

Not all materials are recommended for engraving (like felt). If nothing above works, try using a different material.


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