Digital Fabrication For Education

Elementary School

Innovation begins with inspiration and creativity developed through engaging projects that double as hands-on learning experiences.

Why Digital Fabrication For Your Classroom

Easy and Safe to Use

Intuitive products and interfaces minimize the learning curve, while Dremel’s high safety standards protect the youngest students.

Inspire Creativity

Ready-to-use curriculum and projects are available in our ThinkSpace learning community to get you started immediately.

Well Supported

Our team is always by your side to help you with professional development, grant writing, and world-class customer support.

3D40 3D Printer

Proprietary extruder technology minimizes clogging and keeps students engaged in their projects.
Easy-to-use software and a streamlined unboxing experience will have you printing in 15 minutes or less.
Quiet and Contained
Dremel’s 3D40 is fully enclosed and has advanced motion controls to minimize noise so you can teach while the printer is running.
Knowledge Base and Support
Join Dremel’s ThinkSpace community for lesson plans or contact us for world-class customer support.
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Dremel PLA filament is plant-based and recyclable.
High Quality Build
Manufactured and tested to provide smooth and consistent building.
Vibrant Colors
Dremel offers a wide array of dynamic colors to expand your creativity.
Made for You
Dremel PLA filament has been specifically engineered for optimal printing with your Idea Builder.
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Elementary Lesson Plans

Modular Frame

Practice measurement, design, and engineering skills through designing your own customized modular picture frame.
3D Printer

Moths Kit

In this lesson, students will explore sampling techniques and will collect data to examine adaptive characteristics of the moths.
3D Printer

Quadrant Method

You will explore statistical sampling methods, specically the quadrant method, and how well it produces samples similar to the population.
3D Printer

Loaded Dice

In this lesson, students will explore theoretical probability and sampling methods to make inferences and conclusions about basic claims.
3D Printer

Measurements Kit

In this lesson, students will measure identical objects with three rulers that each have different levels of precision.
3D Printer

Ballista Kit

In this lesson, students will explore classroom-generated bivariate data and scatter plots for analyzing ballista projectile flight results.
3D Printer