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how STEM tools on chromebooks turn students into makers and inventors

PCMAG 3D45 Review

"Dremel's 3D45 is a Great 3D Printer for Makers" 3D45 Review

"More Advanced 3D Printing in STEAM Education"


Add laser customization to existing projects with high-detail engraving and cutting on a vast array of materials and easily tweak printer settings on the fly to customize each project's specific needs


Because of its compatibility with just about any design software, the laser is more time-efficient than cutting by hand, enabling you to generate a lot more output in a shorter amount of time.


Simply make more. Users can quickly duplicate projects with the laser’s auto-array feature and immediately rerun jobs with history feature. This translates to more available items to sell in less time

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Dremel Google Education Partnership

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How STEM tools on Chromebooks turn students into makers and inventors

Dremel 3D45: PCMag Review

A Great 3D Printer for Makers!

Dremel Introduces DigiLab Suite with 3D45 Printer for More Advanced 3D Printing in STEAM Education

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