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How Do Corporations Benefit from In-Office Dremel DigiLab 3D Printers?

Incorporating 3D printers into the day-to-day operations of companies has become an increasingly followed practice, and for good reason; now even small companies can produce 3D prints to show their clients without needing a prototyping facility or outsourcing. Printers usually only have one large investment (the printer itself) then small incremental purchases of filament, replacement nozzles, and cleaning supplies. 3D printers also allow companies to produce presentable models faster than most other traditional prototyping methods, with simple finishing methods.

Enhance Classroom Learning with a 3D Printer

Students of all ages and skill levels respond to interactive learning. While traditional resources are effective, STEAM curriculum can be greatly augmented by using the latest technology in the classroom. 3D printers allow math and science teachers to incorporate the latest technological advancements into their lesson plans, and not just teach their students, but engage their imaginations as well.

Hello Teachers! Bring 3D Printing to Your Classroom

Are you updating your curriculum for the upcoming school year that includes STEAM initiatives? As our educational directives aim to encourage students to embrace science, technology, engineering, math and now the addition of the arts, teachers are creating a new learning environment that is both exciting and engaging for their students!