Make Your Phone or Laptop Amazing with a Laser Cutter

Whether you're looking at your old phone and wishing you could make it more interesting or you're looking to bake some personality into your brand new device, laser engraving your phone can be one of the most fun and most interesting looking ways to make your device uniquely yours.

Of course, laser engravers aren't only limited to your mobile hardware. You can engrave some incredible designs on your laptop as well, which can help you stand out from the crowd.

Don't worry! Laser engraving has some hyper-functional purposes as well. But, before you jump into the laser engraving hobby, let's look at how to laser engrave a phone or pc, why you would want to, and what kind of equipment you'll need to get the job done.

Why Should You Laser Engrave Your Smartphone or Laptop?

There are thousands of reasons to engrave your favorite device. After all, we are all attached to our smartphones and laptops. They're an incredibly important part of our digital lives. So, whether you're looking to geek out on your favorite comic book characters or you want to add some intricate designs that will help beautify your device, laser engraving is a great way to quickly (and accurately) put your favorite stuff on your devices.

Let's look at a few ways you could use laser engraving to give your device an aesthetic boost.

  • Engrave your favorite TV or movie characters.
  • Put your name or nickname on the device
  • Add your phone number to your phone (that way, you can get called in case of device loss).
  • Engrave your business's name and logo onto your devices for branding purposes.

There are plenty of ways to utilize laser engraving on your devices. Plus, owning a laser cutter can help you jump straight into other laser engraving hobbies.

What Kind of Equipment Will You Need?

For anyone looking to jump into hobby laser cutting, you'll need a few things to get started. First, and foremost, you need a laser cutter. The DigiLab LC40 is a great choice for any at-home hobbyist or small business owner. Not only does the LC40 come jam-packed with features (e.g., customizable material library, prepackaged software, auto-array, etc.) but it also works incredibly well and is versatile enough to handle intricate and unique engravings on a variety of materials — including engraving anodized metals like those on a laptop.

But, even if you decide to use another laser engraver, you can always check out our resources to help you familiarize yourself with the laser cutting process.

Next, you'll need software. Again, if you're using a DigiLab laser cutter, this will come prepackaged. But, some laser cutters require you to purchase additional software for the design aspect of engraving.

Finally, you'll need materials to practice on. You don't want to jump straight into engraving your expensive laptop or smartphone. The proper materials will give you the practice you need. Plus, you can always use those materials on other projects, as laser engraving is an incredibly fantastic hobby that you'll likely continue to utilize.

How to Engrave a Smartphone or Laptop

Let's go over a step-by-step process of how to engrave your smartphone/laptop.

  1. Identify the model and materials. Before you rush off to slap that super-cool Spiderman logo on your device, you need to make sure that your device has material that's compatible with laser engraving. Usually, both smartphones and laptops are made of either glass, plastic, metal, or rubber. Depending upon the home laser cutter you're using, you may be able to engrave glass, metal, or plastic. But, you should never attempt to engrave rubber — it melts too fast and gives off dangerous odors. You will need to consult your manufacturer's website to discover the materials and dimensions that your device has as well as whether or not it's suitable to cut or engrave these materials.
  2. Create a replica. Now, you'll want to use the software that comes with your hobby laser cutter to create a copy of your device's surface out of cardboard, wood, or paper. If you're using a Dremel LC40 from DigiLab, it comes prepackaged with design software that you can utilize to create this mock surface. Make sure the surface perfectly aligns to your device.
  3. Design your engraving. Using your laser cutter's software, design the engraving that you want to put on your device. This could be a name, logo, or anything you think will look amazing on your device. This is the part where you can really let your creativity flow.
  4. Try it out. Using that replica you created, test out the engraving you just created. Laser cut it using your software package and see if it looks as great as you think.
  5. Engrave it! Once you have the engraving you want on your replica device, it's time to engrave the real deal. Grab your device and get cracking!

That's it! You're done! Congratulations on your new, personalized device.

If you're looking for a laser cutter that can handle smartphones laptops and thousands of other laser cutting projects, check out the DigiLab LC40 laser cutter.