Laser Focus: Take Your Crafting Business to New Levels with a Laser Cutter

Whether you are just starting a crafting business or you have been successfully selling your creations for a while now, as a small business owner, you understand the importance of investing in equipment that will have a positive impact on your bottom-line. Laser cutters are growing popularity among crafty people due to their ease of use, unlimited potential for unique designs, and significantly high returns on investment. The ability to create custom engraving, paper crafts, jewelry, and a lot more in a variety of materials is bringing home laser cutter technology to the mainstream in ways that were once unfathomable. If you're new to the idea of using a laser cutting machine, you're definitely not alone. Once reserved only for large manufacturing operations, laser cutter desktop versions are becoming more affordable and available for everyone. 

Boosting Your Business with Laser Cutting

Expanding the Materials You Can Use

All laser cutters have basically the same concept, though there can be slight variations depending on what it is being used for. In essence, an optic light concentrates an extremely powerful beam of energy that, depending on the energy level, can either etch or cut into the material it is aimed at. Our newest design, the Dremel LC40 laser cutter can engrave, cut, and score a wide range of materials.

Perfecting Your Laser-Cut Design

Once you have your design in mind, you can upload a PDF, JPG, PNG or SVG file to laser design software and perfect your design. It is always advisable to have a piece of test material to work with first, in case there is further fine-tuning needed to achieve a polished final product. The LC40 even includes an onboard camera to help you perfectly align your design to the material on the bed and a clear viewing window to watch it in real-time to make sure you have everything set correctly. After a successful test run, you are ready to get producing! 

Pursuing New Opportunities

With such a versatile machine and a little creativity, you can now go out and find customers you may not have had the ability to pursue before. You could easily create a simple, but unique, promotional product design and pitch local businesses to commission you to produce those promotional products, emphasizing the fact that you are local, as well as your desire to help boost the local economy. 

Perhaps you are simply looking for ways to expand the diversity of products you offer. Maybe you create your own devices and are looking for a way to simplify the production process, or cutting overhead by making your own components. From new products to stunningly creative business cards that leave your prospective clients in awe, whatever your particular niche is, the odds are pretty high that you will find a way to successfully incorporate a laser cutter into your business model. 

The LC40 is extremely fast, with some designs taking as little as 2 minutes to produce from start to finish. This can mean a huge boost in productivity for your business. Imagine being able to confidently offer same-day shipping or delivery to your customers on a wide array of customized products. You design it, craft it, pack it and ship it. Leaving time for you to work on building your business and enjoy more of life. Of course, if you're just interested in a hobby laser cutter, such as model airplane building, it means you save time to spend on other aspects of your hobby. The LC40 is a sleek, safe, UL-certified masterpiece of a machine that will undoubtedly add flexibility and freedom to your creations.

Laser cutter price points can vary significantly, and regardless of which one you choose, it will be an investment that will require some thoughtful consideration. But, if you have ever wondered about how a laser cutter can help your small business or hobby grow into a full-time dream career, we encourage you to find out more about the Dremel LC40 by requesting info on the Digilab site!