How To: Create A Laser Cut Floating Picture Frame

Do you have a special occasion coming up where you need to make a quick gift? Here, we show you how you can make a "floating" acrylic picture frame for your loved ones. You can use a Digilab LC40 laser cutter to cut, engrave, and personalize the perfect frame to capture a special moment.

Materials Needed:

  • Photo
  • Engraved acrylic frame pieces
  • Hammer
  • 4 flat head nails
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks (don't use a wet glue - it will leak into the frame!)
  • Double sided tape
  • Decorations of your choice

Step 1: Prepare photo and acrylic pieces

Find the photo you want to display and ensure that your acrylic frame is larger than the image. Remember to include space on the frame for any text or engraved images. The blank space between the edge of the photo and the edge of the frame will give the appearance of the photo "floating" in the frame.

We use the laser to cut out 2 frames, both sized 7.5" x 5" with images sized 3" x 3.5" and 3" x 4". One complete frame includes a front and a back piece. 

acrylic frame template laser cut

You can download and save this file to use as a template for your frame. Note that you can engrave any embellishments you like onto the acrylic. We chose to engrave text phrases: 


The text we engraved onto our frames can be found here and here.


Step 2: Attach the photo

Before attaching the photo, first prep the frame by wiping off any excess debris from the acrylic pieces, especially the sides that will be touching the photo.

place image on laser cut acrylic frame       placing image on laser cut acrylic frame

Place double sided tape on the back of the photo and stick it to the inside of the acrylic frame piece that will be attached to the wall, making sure to center it.


Step 3: Assemble frame

assemble laser cut acrylic frame

With the back of the frame and photo laying on the table, carefully place the front of the frame on top of the back. Align the corners, edges, and holes.


Step 4: Mount frame to wall (optional)

mount laser cut frame onto wall

If you want your frame hung up, carefully nail both acrylic pieces with the attached image to the wall using a hammer and 1 nail in each corner. Make sure to use a nail with a flat head.

decorate laser cut acrylic frame

You can also hot glue a decorative jewel onto each nail to hide it!


Step 6: Glue frame together (optional)

If you don't want to mount the frame to a wall, you can attach the two sides to each other and prop up the frame once dry.

assemble laser cut acrylic frame

After the front and back of the acrylic pieces are aligned exactly, fill in the corner holes with hot glue until the hole is completely filled. Wait for it to dry.

decorate laser cut acrylic frame

When the glue is dry, embellish the corners by hot gluing a decorative jewel over the corner holes.


Once complete, you have a lovely personalized frame with a floating picture!

floating acrylic picture frame

mothers day laser cut acrylic picture frame