Five Free Laser Cutting Projects to Save for Rainy Days

We've all gotten a shiny new tool, come home, taken it out of the box, and found ourselves staring down at our latest acquisition feeling a little puzzled. You're certain you had great ideas and high hopes for your brand new laser cutter before you bought it-- you could swear you remember planning out a project in the store-- but suddenly, your mind is blank.

It's tough to know where to begin once you add a new tool to your arsenal; luckily, we've compiled a list of a few simple projects to get you started with using your home laser cutter.

1.  A Circular Hanging Lamp

Using nothing more than a Dremel DigiLab 40W Laser Cutter, a corded socket, and a few sheets of wood for laser cutters, you can be well on your way to building your own lamp! If you can snag a corded socket that also includes a built in switch, even better. You can use hooks that you already have around your home to hang your lamp and get some cord management going, too.

After downloading the files you'll need to build your lamp, you'll simply select the material you're using for your laser cutter's material library and then run the job-- easy as pie! Keeping your materials organized will be key to managing the finished components of the lamp and to an easy assembly process.

Acrylic Lamp 

2. A Leather Luggage Tag

While this project will take a little more legwork than the others, it's worth the time in the end. A leather luggage tag can make a great addition to your travel kit and is sure to impress friends and family when given as a gift.

Once you have your project files, you can import them into your Dremel Laser software and get everything oriented as it should be. Placing the file in multiple places is a great way to use up scraps or uniform pieces that are available. After you run the cut files, you would need to glue and stitch your tag-- you may even want to use a Dremel rotary tool to polish the edges a bit once you're finished.

Engraved Luggage Tag

3. A Patterned Phone Stand

You can use your desktop laser cutter to make a phone stand with ease! The stand can be patterned using the predetermined design provided in the project files, but is also easily customizable with designs or images of your choosing. There's even space for a charging cable to pass through! 

Once you've downloaded the project files, all you have to do is run the cut and engrave files on your laser cutter. Assembly of the pieces is the very definition of simple; you only need to get two pieces of the stand connected and move a few prongs into place to hold everything together.

Engraved phone stand 

4. Hanukkah Decorations

All it takes is a Dremel laser cutter, paper, twine, and a glue stick to bring a little Hanukkah festivity into your home! Simply download the project files, decide how many letters and Dreidels you'd like on your garland, and send the files off to your DigiLab desktop laser cutter.

Assembly is easy, too. Once your files have been printed and cut, all you'll have to do is fold the Dreidels along their edges, apply glue to the flaps, and then bend everything into place. String your twin through each Dreidel to make a garland and hang around the house or in the yard for a little festivity.

Hannukkah Garland

5. A Sicily Tile

There's only one step standing between you and a brand new, homemade tile. You can use any material of your choosing provided it's compatible with your home laser cutter. Many people like to use wood for laser cutter projects, but novices can start out with paper if they want to do a test run.

Engraved tile pattern

All you've got to do is download the project file and apply the pattern to your project-- that's really it! Once you're more familiar with the way that projects work, you can get creative and come up with your own patterns.