The 3 Biggest Questions About the DigLab Laser Cutter Answered!

Our early on boarders have been asking great "out-of-the-box" questions and we have answers! Check out our blog below to learn the three most important things about the DigiLab Laser Cutter to start making your New Year’s resolution in 2019!

1. Difference between cut and engrave files

Cut and Engrave File Types

Compatible with any Design Software. Here we outline the different file types needed when engraving versus cutting your piece. 

Pro Tip: always engrave before you cut!

Engraving file

  • File type to use: PNG, JPEG
  • What you’ll need: Images or “Pixels” 

Cut/score file

  • File type to use: SVG
  • What you’ll need: Lines or Vectors


Project Examples

Click here to view 6 different projects that each use a different file type setting to give them their cutting edge. Check out each project to see what file types you need to create your own!

2. What to do if your lid won't close?

Leveling your laser

Before you can start a job, the left and right lid switches located at the front of your Laser Cutter must be closed. Here’s how:

Place your Laser Cutter on an even plane surface.

Check that all 4 corners of the Laser Cutter are level on the same plane. For this, we recommend using a Flat Planer, rather than a standard level.

Still not closing? 

Look down at your feet

Beneath your Laser Cutter there are four rubber feet that can be loosened or tightened to help level it to the surface you have it resting on. With the lid closed, carefully lift the different corners and adjust that foot until the gap closes and both switches are engaged. Observe the lid icon change from red to white when both sensors are properly activated. 

3. How to get the cleanest cuts with your Laser Cutter

Focusing you Laser Head in 5 Steps

In order to cut or engrave a clean image, it is important that your first focus your Laser Head. Follow these 5 easy steps to get focused and get cutting in no time. 

  1. Move the Laser Head so that it hovers over your work piece
    Simply press the arrow buttons on the LCD Touchscreen, HOME menu, or press “unlock” and move the Laser Head manually with your hand.
  2. Loosen the Laser Head Knob 
    Found on the left hand side of the focus lens, loosen the knob to free up the focus lens to move up or down. 
  3. Insert Spacer Puck
    Raise the Laser Head and place your Spacer Puck between the Laser Head and the work piece.
  4. Fix the Laser Head in place
    Let the Laser Head rest on the Spacer Puck and tighten the Laser Head Knob to fix the Laser Head in place.
  5. Remove the Spacer Puck
    Now you’re focused and ready to go!
Laser Head Focusing

Pro Tip: If you are engraving a work piece that is too thick to fit in the laser with the Honeycomb Plate, you can remove the Honeycomb Plate and place the work piece directly on the surface beneath. Be sure to only use this trick for engraving, not cutting!